Relax in the heart of Maremma.

Our farm is located in the center of the farm La Peppola, family business run by Donatella and Marco holders, always engaged in the field of art restoration, and sons Guglielmo and Edoardo.

It is a court immersed in the olive farm and overlooks the saltwater pool and the wild pasture, where you can admire some beautiful mares Chianina cows and deer.

La Peppola is composed of three buildings located in three directions: west, north and south. The buildings are named after the winds that blow from the respective quadrants, namely, Maestrale West, Grecale north and Scirocco in the south. Each building contains three apartments, all with veranda and private entrance, named as the beautiful islands that make up Maremma’s archipelago: in Maestrale’s block there are Capraia, Elba and Sparviero; in Grecale’s one there are the apartments Montecristo, Pianosa and La Formica finally, in Scirocco’s one, there are Giglio, Giannutri and Argentarola. A link with the sea and the sail that the owners of the company carry on with passion.

The farm is close to the sea (also accessible by bike in a few minutes). It borders the Uccellina natural park and is located six kilometers from the city of Grosseto, 60 from Siena and 180 from Rome. Not far civil and military airport you can, for a few minutes a day, admire the beautiful acrobatics of Eurofighter warplanes, we guaranteed a show for children and adults.

For art lovers La Peppola is a few kilometers away from the villages of Etruscan Vetulonia (necropolis, habitat and museum) and Roselle and the beautiful museum of Grosseto. On request, we can arrange guided visits to monuments where Marco and Donatella have worked and still work.

Fruit and home-grown, vegetable oil and chickpeas make staying healthy and full of flavor.

We look forward to La Peppola!